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Things to Not Do in Paris

Posted July 12, 2015 by

Thing Not to Do In Paris #1

Don't dine in tourist areas

Crowded street in Paris

Try to eat ahead of time, bring a small snack, and plan your meals in advance. You won't find yourself stumbling into a chain for substandard, overpriced fare. Finding out-of-the-way restaurants and neighborhood grocery stores is part of the charm of getting to know a city.

Thing Not to Do In Paris #2

Don't stay in Paris

Train station in French countryside

Chartres cathedral and Giverny, the home of Claude Monet, are both easy, one-hour train rides from Paris. Versailles, the famed home of Louis XIV and the center of French royalty, is also a must-see.

Thing Not to Do In Paris #3

Don't fear the culinary classics

Blood sausage with asparagus

In many cultures, mysterious bits of meat and fermented foods are the subject of nationalistic and regional pride.

In France, you would be remiss to pass on a taste of boudin noir (blood sausage), tàªte de veau (calf's brains), confit de canard (preserved duck leg), lapin (rabbit) or langouste (lobster from Brittany). Non-meat eaters should look for fraises des bois (white asparagus), truffle dishes, and one of the many varieties of unpasteurized cheeses.

Thing Not to Do In Paris #4

Don't take a taxi

Taxis in Paris

The taxi service in Paris is not the same as New York or other major cities. Try LeCab or AlloCab (both similar to Uber). Both have user-friendly mobile phone apps that make hailing a cab with your hand a last-ditch option.

Thing Not to Do In Paris #5

Don't neglect to check the news

Protest in Paris

When workers decide to strike, getting around Paris can be a nightmare. Sometimes workers strike on a whim, other times a strike is planned or has been ongoing for months. This causes an unreliable public transportation network (see previous tip). Plan accordingly, and be prepared to embrace the art of flà¢ner ("to walk the city in order to experience it") or rent a Vélib bike.

Thing Not to Do In Paris #6

Don't dress down

Casual chic fashion

You don't have to dress to the nines, but there's no place for flip-flops, yoga pants, and sweatshirts in Paris. Even if you feel you can't master the effortlessly-chic look, a nice pair of jeans will blend in more than a pair of wrinkled shorts.

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