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Top 10 French Phrases You Need to Know in Paris

Posted June 14, 2015 by

n’importe quoi


For when you don't agree with what's being said.

"You speak excellent French!" "N’importe quoi!"

non, merci. je regarde pour l’instant.

no thanks, I'm just looking.

For when you're window-shopping.

"Can I help you?" "Non, merci! Je regarde pour l’instant."

je voudrais...

I would like...

For when you want to politely ask for something.

"Je voudrais the menu."

à§a va

it goes

For when you want to respond to a greeting.

“How are you?” “à‡a va!”

laisse tomber

forget it

For when you want to change the subject.

"Didn't you want to go to that new boulangerie this morning?" "Laisse tomber... they went out of business."

à§a marche

that works

For when you want to agree.

"Let's meet tomorrow for dinner." "à‡a marche!"

je dis à§a, je dis rien

just saying

For when you want to say something controversial.

"That hat isn't the best look for you... je dis à§a, je dis rien."

c’est dommage

that's too bad

For when you want to express sympathy.

"You missed the last train to Versailles? C’est dommage!"

tiens-moi au courant

let me know

For when you want to keep up to date.

"I start my new job next week." "I hope it goes well! Tiens-moi au courant!"


you know?

For when you want to add emphasis.

"I can't stand the line at the Louvre, t’sais?"

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